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Build Your Savings
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"LEP Retirement can help you save money and build a nice nest egg for the future. We definitely reccomend working with them."
"If you want a good strategy to start savings for the future, LEP Retirement can really help you. Advice that you can really trust"
"We like that you learn from LEP Retirement and you can compare all the other options because they have the numbers to back up their strategy."
'You really can't put a value on having someone sit with you face to face and learn about your life to build a plan for your retirement."

Find it hard to save money?

You don’t need to earn more money, you need to meet with us. We can help. 

Tax Free Retirement Strategy and Financial Assets that makes sense

Discovering Your World

Our team finds all the information to understand your situation and your goals.

Analyze the Data

By carefully analyzing your information, we make sure that what we offer is going to generate value and meet your needs.

The Right Plan

Our plan will outline a sound strategy for your situation with estimated return on investment and impact reporting.


Our plan is great, but without someone to manage the implementation – it’s just paper.  We can help you implement and manage all phases of our plan.


We Structure Tax-Free Retirement Accounts

We are the architects for Tax Free Retirement Planning. – If you were looking for a “Get Rich Quick” scheme, that’s not what we do, we put solid steady growing financial assets to work for you.  Our retirement strategies are built on over 100 years of knowledge and proven methodology.

Get a Retirement Analysis

Get the Facts, Learn the Strategy

We have clients that have made a lot in a bullish stock market and want financial security from the volatility or that haven’t found a good way to build a retirement savings.  If this sounds like you, we have a retirement strategy to help you.


We work hard for our clients and it shows.   Our Individual Retirement Services can benefit you greatly. Dublin-CA, San Jose-CA Consulting
Dublin Ca, San Jose CA Consulting

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