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Building Your Savings

Because the right strategy makes a big difference.

Building Your Savings Takes a Good Strategy and Time

Is your bank savings account just a safety net for your checking account? Do you take from your savings account without repaying it back? Do you a savings strategy plan? We can help you on your path to build your savings.

Building your savings has long term implications.  If  your like most people you probably have your money in the bank,  stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate.  Each one of these options have their risks.  Your bank is probably giving you a fraction of a percent to maybe just over two percent in interest.  Stock, Bonds and Mutual Funds come with risk of the market and performance indicators.  Real Estate is about timing, to early or too late can result in huge losses.

So what can I do to build my savings consistently?

LEP Retirement has strategies and financial vehicles that can have low impact on your lifestyle, generate a higher rate of interest and can easily be used for purchases when you need it.  Build your savings plan by understanding the best options for your unique situation and your  specific life goals.

We can help you build your savings for the future, emergency situations, large purchases and most importantly peace of mind.

Sounds good, but what now?

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Your First Step to Building Your Savings:

  • Let’s meet over the phone or in person, so that we can understand your situation and goals.

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What Happens Next:

  • We build a financial strategy for your personal savings with a structured path to reach your goal.


What makes us different:

  • We don’t just put you in some random fund, what we do is educate you on the options we created.  We feel financial education is important when you make a decision that impacts your future.  Building your savings is a long term commitment that pays with interest – We just makes sure you get the most with less risk.



Last – You decide:

  • We believe in you being confident with your decision.  That’s why we have a no pressure approach in assisting our clients.  It’s a big decision that has future implication, so take a breath to think about it.


On-going advice:

  • As you grow your Personal Savings, our professionals will advice you on other opportunities to generate more money and take full advantage of compounding interest strategies.


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LEP Retirement can help you get to your goals.

– Joaquin Gomez, Business Owner | San Jose, CA

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