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Life Insurance Protection

A Benefit While Your Alive and Beyond.

Having the right kind of Life Insurance has big benefits.

Picking out the right type of Life Insurance is a big task. We can help you find a policy that fits and grows with your lifestyle.

Not all life insurance policies are equal.  There is a broad range of policies that can be customized to  work for your or your broker agent.  It’s important that you understand the advantages and disadvantages.  We are a trusted advisor in life insurance and we make sure that you get the best value and the most benefits.

Did you know that some life insurance policies give you Living Benefits?

By utilizing a knowledgeable insurance professional, like LEP Retirement, we can structure your Whole Life Insurance Policy, so that you can  get the Living Benefits Advantage.  In a nutshell, Living Benefits is a powerful tool to grow a financial asset that can be used for many purposes, including tax-free retirement.

Sounds good, but what now?

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Your First Step:

  • Let’s meet over the phone or in person, so that we can understand your situation and goals.

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What Happens Next:

  • We build a life insurance strategy that offers you maximum living benefits.


What makes us different:

  • We don’t just give you a life insurance policy and walk away, we show you can use your whole life insurance policy to generate a powerful financial asset that  you can use while your still alive.


Last – You decide:

  • We believe in you being confident with your decision.  That’s why we have a no pressure approach in assisting our clients.  It’s a big decision that has future implication, so take a breath to think about it.


On-going advice:

  • As you grow a powerful financial asset with your whole life insurance policy, our professionals will advice you on other opportunities to generate more money and take full advantage of compounding interest strategies.


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LEP Retirement can help you get to your goals.

– Joaquin Gomez, Business Owner | San Jose, CA

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